Panasonic Small Business VOIP SIP IP Corded-Cordless Combo Phone KX-TGP550T04

Panasonic Small Business VOIP SIP IP Corded-Cordless Combo Phone KX-TGP550T04
Panasonic Small Business VOIP SIP IP Corded-Cordless Combo Phone KX-TGP550T04
Panasonic Small Business VOIP SIP IP Corded-Cordless Combo Phone KX-TGP550T04

Panasonic Small Business VOIP SIP IP Corded-Cordless Combo Phone KX-TGP550T04
Panasonic IP telephone with corded base station and 1 cordless handset - VoIP support: IETF SIP version 2(RFC3261 ands companion RFCs), BroadWorks R15 / BroadSoft, Asterisk - Codec: G. 726(32K) - Network interface: (2) 10 / 100 base-T auto MDI / MDIX Ethernet LAN port - Provisioning HTTP / HTTPS / FTP / TFTP and local / remote WEB configration - QoS support: DSCP, Static VLAN, TOS - Menu driven user interface - Line status - Direct handset call buttons - Message waiting indicator on the base unit - US-DECT 1.92GHz - 1.93GHz (for USA and Canada), EU-DECT 1.88GHz - 1.90GHz - Expandable up to 6 handsets - Support for up to 8 registrations - Simultaneous voice calls - 2.5mm headset jack - Grouping handset: handset select for receiving call - Handset and number select for making call - Redial - Do not disturb - Anonymous call (CLIR) - Anonymous call rejection - Busy lamp field (BLF) for handsets - Calling party name and number presentation (CLIP, CNIP) - Call rejection - DTMF dialing during call - 3 Party conferencing - Call transfer - One touch button call transfer - Call hold - Call forward unconditional/ user busy/ no answer - Call waiting - Distinctive ringing - Ringtone selection KX-GP550T04. Supports up to 8 SIP Registrations. KX-TGP550 Small Business Communications Solution.

Expandable up to 6 DECT 6.0 cordless handsets, each with its own number. Ethernet-based SIP endpoint for hosted and SIP PBX (not for SIP trunks). Easy to set up and customize. Simple online management of feature packages and billing.

System grows as your business grows by adding state-of-the-art DECT wireless handsets. We offer this to save customers who may not be a hurry for items. Not all products are sent to the warehouse program.

Thanks for understanding as we continue to look for more creative ways to better serve our super customers, and thanks for helping us help a child! Some features may not work in countries outside of USA. Use of Caller ID features require a subscription from your telephone service provider. Use of Voicemail features require a subscription from your telephone service provider.

The actual recording time depends on individual message characteristics. How far can I expect my 2-way radios to communicate?

The communication range quoted is calculated under optimum conditions, with an unobstructed line of sight. Actual range will vary depending on terrain and conditions, and is often less than the maximum possible. Your actual range will be limited by several factors including, but not limited to, terrain, weather conditions, electromagnetic interference and obstructions. Some items are sent direct to our customer for faster transit time. INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS NEED TO NOTE THAT ALL OUR ELECTRONICS, INCLUDING PHONES, ARE DESIGNED TO OPERATE ON 110v. IF YOUR COUNTRY REQUIRES DIFFERENT VOLTAGE, i. S River Bay IS NOT RESPONSIBLE SHOULD YOU PLUG AN ITEM INTO INCORRECT VOLTAGE AND BURN IT UP. SO, PLEASE, VERY IMPORTANT, KNOW YOUR COUNTRY?

S REQUIREMENTS PRIOR TO ORDER! Nolan's River Bay does NOT guarantee range on electronics as it depends on environment in which they are placed in. Range is provided by manufacturers for consumer guidance under the best of conditions. S Team in our endeavors to help a Child in Need with every sale!

Where Every Sale Benefits a Child in Need? We cannot declare items at a lesser value or as gifts.

Territories and International orders without prior communication between us and the customer. The bottom line is we will treat you as fair as possible as we appreciate every single individual! In order to keep our pricing as low as possible for all our super customers, we did have to add a few restrictions on what some may refer to as "Bad Apples". We honestly try our best to work with everyone new, in USA, Internationally, or the tip of the North Pole. However, sometimes personal communication on the front end will resolve any future problems. Folks, unfortunately, we are having far too many eBayers purchasing items or getting us to accept offers, then not paying for considerable number of days. We were hesitant to place this on our listings, as we do not want to come across as rude, but really this is getting out of hand. Anyway, for all of you who are paying promptly, please accept our apology for posting this. We just cannot continue to "chase" folks around with messages as it takes away from our customer service to others.

If we have it, we will list it! This is done regardless of whether the goods were brought for someone else whether the goods are for your business or personal/private use where the goods were bought whether you intend to sell or distribute the goods. Please note that all of our electronic items are designed to operate on 110v electrical socket.

If your country differs from 110v, you may need an adapter/converter prior to plugging the item into a wall socket. It is the responsibility of an International Customer to take due diligence in investigating your country's electrical voltage and obtaining the necessary adapter/converter before use of any item. Nolan's River Bay will not and cannot be held liable if an International Customer burns an item up by plugging into an incorrect electrical outlet. We want you to be sure if an item will work, or can be accepted into your country. Some Features may not work in a given country If you are thinking about bringing telecommunications or radiocommunications equipment to your country, you should be aware that you may only operate it in accordance with your country's regulations.

The improper operation of communications equipment can cause interference with the operation of other equipment, or even endanger your health or the safety of others. Communications equipment, including telephones, modems, facsimile machines, cordless phones, land mobile transceivers and citizen band (CB) radios, either connects to a telecommunications network or transmits using radiofrequencies. Even though an item of communications equipment may be suitable for use in another country, it is not necessarily suitable to use that equipment in another country.

Different countries may have different requirements and standards for important equipment characteristics such as the voltage of the power supply or radiofrequency band in which it transmits. You, the customer, are RESPONSIBLE for knowing your own country's requirements. We cannot stress this enough. EXAMPLES: Find out if DECT 6.0 technology is accepted, the GHz allowed in your country, etc. Nolan's River Bay regrets having to do this as we do realize and value our honest customers. Yet, in these times, we are seeing more and more theft of property cases. Thank you for understanding our situation, and like you, we wish there were all honest folks in this world, so the good decent folks don't have to suffer from their abuses of any given system.

Please know your country's requirements. We cannot guarantee all features will work in your particular country such as caller ID, call forwarding, etc.

So please, please know before ordering. And PLEASE remember, you may need an adapter as all of our electronics are designed to operate with 110v. If your country differs, do NOT plug anything into a socket without use of proper adapter. If you do so, and burn the system up, you are solely responsible. The retail prices in catalog(s) and you see in our stores, are reference retail prices.

A reference retail price is the full retail price of the same or similar merchandise offered by different department stores, specialty shops, and other non discounted sellers; or our suggested retail replacement cost at open stock prices. No reference is hereby made that substantial sales are or will be made at the reference retail price.

The reference retail price prives were determined at the time catalog(s) or item were printed or posted on site, and may be changed without notice. Reference retails are not necessarily our present or former prices and are used to assist you ub comparative shopping. We suggest that you compare our prices with those offered by others. We do not mark merchandise values below value or mark items as "gifts" - US and International government regulations prohibit such behavior. Remember to feel free to make us an offer.

Just send us an offer or let us know you have found same item lower, and we will try to meet or beat price, but remember many items are like comparing apples and oranges, and there could be some differences. Thank you for shopping with us, and remember, every sale we make, a portion is donated to a youth in need, as we believe in the old adage, "The Youth are Our Future". Many need and deserve our help and guidance. Thank you for helping and shopping!

This is the best method to make certain items are available. Why Choose Nolan's River Bay?

You're probably wondering what makes Nolan's River Bay store better than all the rest; That's expected, as there is a lot of competition out there! Here's my promise to you.

Fast order processing - We usually have my orders processed within 2 days, and generally within 1 day excluding weekends! We do this daily by comparing competitor prices all around the internet. If you find a like item for less, remember you can always make us an offer. Amount of stock for the sole purpose of turning a?

Our purpose is different than that of? Great, Friendly service -If there is a problem with your item, or anything at all, you will be treated in a friendly, responsive, courtesy manner, and we are easy to deal with! It's for a good cause! We support and contribute to the youth who are in need of clothing, food, toys, games, and more!

Good morning, i guess it is still that : Just wanted to let you know the pans were delivered last nite while I was in Farmington NM getting groceries (have to go 2 hrs away to get everything on the list) we truly live in the sticks! Unpacked them last nite and everything is great...... They are heavy and flat!!!! (the bottoms that is) They far exceeded what I was expecting.

Hee heee heee was up last nite til midnite looking them over and checking all the details out. My mother in law got to see them this morning and she was impressed to say the least. Thank you for having such a good product and for making it available. There just wasn't enough room on e bay to say all the nice things there is to say about you and your business.

On e-bay you expect, shall we say business, but you don't expect dare I say friends! People who seem to hold on to those things which as a person I deem as valuable. Honesty, friendliness, going the 2nd mile, caring for others......

I want you to know how much I appreciate that. I'm really sorry that I don't have more that i need to get from you : Can you post somewhere that part of your proceeds go for a donation and to where? It makes me feel selfish. Dear nolan-river-bay, your awsome thanks for the card attached to my package my wife absolutly loved the figures thanks for getting them so quickly to me God Bless Chris. Just a note to say thank you. My wife collects M&M things and I have been searching for items for her birthday. Would much rather the proceeds go to worthwhile cause. God Bless you for what you do. WE need more people in the world like this.

Better, faster, more secure for you.. New international customers do not seem to recognize the length of time involved and tracking of First Class International. Every Sale we make helps a Child in Need!

Nolan (1) Thanks so much! We reserve the right to use UPS. Please note that Nolan's River Bay warehouses products in select locations in USA. We do this in an effort to better serve all our fabulous customers and hopefully, get the item to you a little quicker. We strive to provide tracking numbers on all orders in a timely manner.

International Customers please know your country's requirements. We cannot guarantee all features will work in your particular country such as caller ID. DO NOT DUPLICATE OR COPY! We reserve the right to use either.

Some items are sent direct to our customer from warehouse participation program where we send items for storage. This allows for faster transit time. Nolan's River Bay "Where Every Sale Benefits a Child in Need" THANKS! Folks, on offers, please know we simply do not mark our products up 40-50% or greater.

We realize this is the case in many online shops. "Every Sale Benefits a Child in Need". Thus, our view is every "little tad helps".

Please keep this in mind when you submit an offer. Thanks for understanding and have a super day! THANKS FOR UNDERSTANDING AS THIS IS JUST FOR YOUR PROTECTION AS WELL AS OUR'S AND IS A MATTER OF HONESTY AND INTEGRITY.

This is done regardless of whether the goods were brought for someone else; whether the goods are for your business or personal/private; where the goods were bought; whether you intend to sell or distribute the goods. I have just watched your " about me " page. It is obvious to me that you have adapted and overcome some nearly impossible obstacles, and the death of a loved one. I salute your son for his tenacity, loyalty and unwavering love. These things saved your life, and from what I have just read it is a life well worth saving.

I have the greatest respect for people like yourself who dedicate their thoughts and actions to those who are needy. " The children are our future " Without the rainforests those who are children now will all be dead before they even get the chance to experience the journey of a lifetime, or for that matter... Not only that but from now on I will cone to you for all of my carbon crossbow bolts, strings, lubricating wax, and broad head tips as well as practice tips if you carry them. But for all the other supplies, you're.

Best regards and god bless you. FROM ONE OF OUR CUSTOMERS WHO ASKED A QUESTION. WE TRY TO RESPOND QUICKLY IF POSSIBLE. Thank you for your forthright honesty Jim. I will deal with you instead.

OTHER MUCH APPRECIATED COMMENTS FROM CUSTOMERS. The item "Panasonic Small Business VOIP SIP IP Corded-Cordless Combo Phone KX-TGP550T04" is in sale since Sunday, June 12, 2016. This item is in the category "Consumer Electronics\Home Telephones & Accessories\Corded Telephones". The seller is "nolan-river-bay" and is located in Austin, Texas.

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Panasonic Small Business VOIP SIP IP Corded-Cordless Combo Phone KX-TGP550T04

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